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    Usb Not Recognized

    got any help?
  2. The Apex Star

    Usb Not Recognized

    its the standard one, no hdmi ports and no afterwards
  3. The Apex Star

    Usb Not Recognized

    i believe its just standard roxio package. it worked on the previous laptop i was using no problem. its not got any attachments like vhs to dvd etc. and its not the hd version, just normal roxio gamecap
  4. The Apex Star

    Usb Not Recognized

    all i know is its roxio game capture/UN. how do i find this other information out that you ask of?
  5. The Apex Star

    Usb Not Recognized

    ok so this is driving me bonkers, i bought a new laptop, hp notebook and the roxio software have installed from the disc, the usb ports are in full working order but yet it wont recognise and register the roxio usb. it keeps saying usb not recognised. when i look into it further and click the search for updates for drivers, it says im up to date but yet when i look into why the usb is malfunctioning, it says there is no drivers present for this usb :/ could somebody please help as im part of a big youtube channel associated with machinima and need this sorting asap. thank you The Apex Star