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  1. I will not renew photoShow as it does not work withwindows 8.1 and there also is no real supprt

  2. I will not renew this and it does not work and there is NO real support

  3. bklynkid

    Adobe Flash Player

    When I make a photo slideshow it tells me to update my Adobe Flash Player...... It does open in IE. I can send to myself and it only opens with the IE. It does not open it I try with Chrome or Safari.....Also if I send to friends and they do not use IE they also get a message to update there Adobe Flash Player.......I am using windows 8.1 and there is not setting to update it says I have the latest version of Flash Player.......... I have uses other photo share programs and they work just fine .. This seems to be some conflict with Roxio Photo Share and Adobe.......
  4. bklynkid


    I can not add a new name with an e-mail address .... I would like to add a few more names and address......... example Troy Bishard trd@msn.com....... It won't let me know matter what I tried even tried Plaxio