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  1. PS...myguggi... I just saw your latest response (for some reason it did not show up before). Thank you for all the info! As far as converting to "DVD mpg"...does that mean that when I use the conversion tool, I should use the setting for DVD? Thanks again!
  2. I have Roxio Creator NXT 2. I am trying to burn a video DVD with videos that I had already created. Every time I try, I get the 8004520c error message. I have defragmented my hard drive and still go the same message. I then tried saving it as an .iso file and still got the same error message. Then I tried the folder option and still got the error message! Please help!
  3. Hallelujah! This last try worked! I can't tell you how relieved I am that this project is done and I can finally give out the DVD's as gifts. But I am curious as to why I had so many issues. While I have no immediate plans to make anymore DVD's in the near future...I am curious if anyone has any suggestions for me. Should I be able to burn MP4s instead of WMVs? Is it common for some menu types to just not work on some computers? Is it common for it to be so finicky that it works several times with one setting and then not at all a final time? Thank you grandpabruce and myguggi for your help!!!!! You are the best!
  4. Yes...I saved them as two different project files. The menu with the palm tree beach scene worked. The jungle type one and the aquarium did not. I am combining 17 short video clips into one DVD (it is sort of a year in the life of my family). I am not sure how long it is completely...maybe between 60-90 minutes or so. I also wondered if the filetype of the movies made a difference. I started with them all as mp4 files. Then converted them to wmv files. The converted ones worked. But that could have been coincidence. I tried the aquarium theme with both types and neither worked. I am currently trying again using the file that has worked (without really trying anything different...just hoping for good luck!) and it is currently encoding #3. Last time when I realized it didn't work it had a message about Error Encoding video 1 (I forgot to include that last time). But I am trying not to get my hopes up this time. Thanks for the reply...and if you do have any suggestions, I would be glad to listen (even if I am lucky enough to be successful this time!)
  5. Thanks grandpabruce. I changed the menu and was able to get it to successfully burn! I wasn't sure how to do the Render Using Software Mode so I was happy that changing the menu worked! But then I got "fancy" and changed the menu again to one I liked better and tried to burn it again and got an error message (which I did not write down). At that point, I went back and opened the file that had worked and tried to burn that one again. Now I have the error message 80004005. This whole thing is getting really frustrating! I am going to continue playing around with different "fixes" to try to get the final copy burned. But if you have anymore ideas for me, please share!