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    Glitchy Captures?

    turning the recording quality worked, not much different to max so i guess il use that
  2. RedXGaming

    Glitchy Captures?

    I have friends i meant none of them have a dvd player
  3. RedXGaming

    Glitchy Captures?

    I havent tweaked My proccesor and reset my graphics settings. No friends or me have a dvd or bd player
  4. RedXGaming

    Glitchy Captures?

    http://forums.suppor...test-it-please/ tried this didnt work I turned down the capture quality which i think fixed but im pretty sure i can record max quality
  5. RedXGaming

    Glitchy Captures?

    No intructions if you dont have nvidia
  6. RedXGaming

    Glitchy Captures?

    These are my pc specs before i start the topic, im pretty sure they can handle roxio game capture hd pro easily : Amd A8 6600k Quad Core Apu with Radeon 8570 Graphics Windows 7 8gb ram All drivers are updated Now when im recording i dont look at the preview screen i look at my tv (That's what im recording from) After the video is done i watch or edit it and when i watch it on some bits it has like a weird colour/pixal glitch and some of the video turns rainbow coloured or just weird couloured. And it is anonying. It goes blurry as well I don't know why this is happening. I don't know if having 2 different hdmi cables makes a difference. Thanks for the help!
  7. So i can use it 8 more times? Thank you
  8. So on my old laptop i had the roxio software and used the key to install it but i had a buzzing noise issue and somoeone told me to test it on a different laptop so i used it twice. Now i dont use it on either computers becuase i got a gaming pc which i know is able to record xbox with no problems specs are here: Amd a8 6600k 3.9ghz quad core proccesor (apu) with 8750d graphics windows 7 500 watt So im wondering how many more times i can use the key, i will only use it for my own use sooo.
  9. RedXGaming

    Will Live Commenteries Ever Be A Thing With The Roxio?

    Yeah i wasnt expecting an update i mean the roxio is one of the best capture cards in my opinion with the elgato cause its easy to setup small and easy to record and you dont need the best computer ever but the only thing thats letting it down is the live commentary hope they eventually put it in because they can do it with live streams so why cant they do it with recordings? lol im sure it will be one of the best updates lol the i mean this didnt have much apart form the pre roll i dont use it but many people do so its great fo4r them and the mp4 format which can be good because the audio files are compatible with sony vegas its just that the audio doesnt get recorded it only recorded my full game audio once which worked with sony
  10. RedXGaming

    I Cant Record On .mp4 With The New Update? Roxio Hd Pro

    you said to see if the audio is there in video wave it isnt cant see it either doesnt play either only for like 2 seconds i mean i can record in m2ts but sorting out this issue will still be good
  11. RedXGaming

    I Cant Record On .mp4 With The New Update? Roxio Hd Pro

    So i played the video on Windows media player and vlc media player same thing only plays audio for a couple of seconds tried to put in in sony vegas and the roxio editor same thing audio for a couple of seconds