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  1. I ordered Creator NXT 2 download with USB Video Capture. The USB Video Capture was posted to me in the UK from the US. The USB Video Capture Device came without the CD/DVD with the drivers. I assumed this was because it was included as part of Creator NXT 2. However I can't find it anywhere. I found a download device driver link on one of your pages. On the same web page was a picture of your older Video capture model. I have the new one where the USB connector is on a wire coming out of the Capture device instead of being built in like the older one. I ran the driver install and it put in 64 and 32 directories. My machine is 64-bit Win 7 Pro. I tried both the 32 and 64 directories but neither will install. Do you have a location for installing the drivers for the new device? I just registered my package today but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the code for my one support call. Steve Lawrence
  2. Steve Lawrence

    Video Capture Usb Can't Install Drivers

    Thanks to both of you for your responses to my problem. I found out from Roxio support that you could install Creator NXT 2 on 3 machines. Thus I tried a Win 8.1 machine I had with Creator 2012 on it. I just installed the drivers and nothing else. Of course that failed. Next I went to an old XP SP3 machine I have. I installed the drivers and then installed Creator NXT 2 with the USB stick plugged in. As it had done on my Win 7 machine the install seemed to hang (several minutes with nothing happening). On Win 7, I'd killed the install. However on the XP install it was late at night (after US v Portugal in the World Cup) so I just left it until morning. The next day when I looked to see what had happened. Everything was installed and happy. The videos play beautifully on the PC. All comes to those who wait. I've now tried to uninstall Creator on my Win 7 machine so I can install from scratch and give it plenty of time. However it won't re-install, just as someone else on the forum reported recently. I haven't checked the log to see if my problem is the same, but I'll try and find out. Anyway it doesn't matter because in a couple days I'll have all the videos on disk using the XP machine and be ready to move on. Thanks again for your excellent suggestions and reassurances. You were instrumental in helping me get this done. Sincerely, Steve Lawrence
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    Video Capture Usb Can't Install Drivers

    So far no good. Couldn't delete the USB entry. Only could disable or uninstall. Did everything else including the Repair. Right back where I started. All I really need is the CD/DVD that was supposed to come in the post with the USB device. I just keep getting asked where the drivers are located. Do you know where Creator NXT 2 puts them? My problems would then be over. Do you have the drivers for the new device that you could post someplace on the web. Do you know if the Roxio download site has the correct drivers for the new device or only for the old one? My vote is for old one only. I haven't used my support ticket yet but I think that might be my best bet. Perhaps they will email me the drivers. It's annoying because I really only bought the package for the USB device. I figured the drivers would either come with the device or be hidden someplace within Creator NXT 2. Thanks for taking the time to post a solution to me. Regards, Steve
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    Video Capture Usb Can't Install Drivers

    OK email address gone. I didn't think people would respond so quickly. I have the new version.of the USB device. In Device Manager I have the entry with the yellow exclamation mark indicating a problem. Here is the location where I downloaded the video capture software, just below where you click to order it. http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/creator/device/overview.html I'm not at home now so I can't tell you exactly what downloaded but I know it created a directory called 32 and another called 64. When I right clicked on the Video Capture entry in the Device Manager and chose the directory where I'd downloaded the drivers a response came back that the drivers were not found. The fact that the web page has a picture of old video capture device (same as on your photo) made me think the drivers were probably for it. My next step might be to remove the Device Manager entry completely and try again. Roxio have also emailed me a support reference number so I can make my one support call. At least one thing I completely screwed up was connecting the Video Capture device prior to installing Creator NXT 2. I had hoped that during the install process it would pick up the Video Capture device and install the drivers. In fact all it does is hang the install process while installing DirectX 9.0. Removing the Video Capture, rebooting, and re-installing cleared that up. Thanks for taking an interest. Steve Lawrence