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  1. sorry for being gone just got back from vacation. while i was away i tried looking into it more and was wondering why it still doesnt show in my device manager. also i will be testing to see if it works on my laptop to see if my computer is the problem for not recognizing the device.
  2. how would i go about formatting C:\?
  3. it doesnt seem to display it anywhere
  4. http://imgur.com/oKCFhD7 apparently i cant post images anymore so here is the link to my devices manager
  5. i installed the drivers i was missing there is now no more other devices tab.
  6. Ok, I,ve looked into those devices and they came with my graphics card and motherboard. they even function perfectly fine. Is there something else I'm missing about this?
  7. No its not listed under the sound video and game controllers
  8. i repaired the software and rebooted. i launched the software and went into the capture and plugged in the capture card and it still didnt recognize it. the no signal is in green text still so i would assume i still have the wrong drivers
  9. so how would i go about removing the driver?
  10. I just got my Roxio Capture HD Pro and im running into an issue recording my gameplay. I have my 360 hooked up to my RCC and when i go into the software to start recording, it doesnt even have the capture card in the options for source. I also cant acces the options menu or use the software at that point except exit. Any suggestions to fix this problem?