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  1. That worked, I did an audio capture like you said and was then able to edit it down. Thank you very much. Its amazing how you can use the same options on a program for years and overlook the other options that you never use. Roxio already had the tools I needed. Thank you for pointing it out to me. God Bless.
  2. Sorry about the delay in my response. Life gets in the way sometimes. Anyway yes, Roxio Creator NXT is what I am using.
  3. I'm using version I don't understand your second question.
  4. I'm having problems trying to edit a mp3 audio file I recorded. When I try to open the file to edit it I get a message that says "The file does not exist or is not a supported audio file." I have been doing this stuff for a few years now using the exact same recorder and have never had a problem. Here is the one difference with this recording from all the other recordings that I have done. On this recording I forgot to shut the recorder off and let it run over night. I stopped the recording the next day. The recorder was still recording and there was still room on the SD card but I did run the size of the file up to 921.25 MB. I know the recording is there, I can hear it when played on windows media player. Any suggestions on how I can edit this recording down to a proper size would be great.