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  1. Dave, Brendon, Jim Thanks very much to all of you for your help. I put together the steps from Dave, and got finally, a mix CD that I was after. I'm going to try Jim's method next, looks like it will work much like the old Creator 7. As you guys can tell, this is my first effort to use the internet and communities to get technical help. It's been great and I appreciate it much. Jon
  2. Sounds like WavMerge may just do it. I'll give it a try. JonRob
  3. The classical music source CD will have several suites, say, and each suite is recorded as three, four, or more movements, each having its own track. If I add one suite to my mix, and play it back "randomized", the suite doesn't stay together and play back in sequence. Instead, a movement from this one, a movement from that one, etc, etc. What I want from my randomization, is one suite from this composer, another from someone else, etc. But I need the whole suite each time. Jon
  4. I used an old Creator 7 version that allowed me to drag and drop multiple tracks from a Source CD, merge them into one track, and burn them to a destination CD as a single track. I'm looking for this feature in Easy CD & DVD Burning (red box) and can't find it. Is it available? Or is it on the NXT version? Or is there some other software I should be getting? Jon