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  1. Ive had my Roxio Capture card HD PRO for a while now and when i first used it on my windows 8 pc it worked fine but recently videowave has stopped working, i click on videowave on the lanuchpad, the orange loading box appears and then 5 seconds later just says "videowave has stopped working". I can still capture gameplay but it just wont load videowave. Ive tried unistalling it and reinstalling, just loading videowave from the file location and not going though the lanuchpad, ive tried running it with and without updates, im pretty sure this problem started when i changed my graphics card, it work when i has a Radeon HD 5450 and then i change to a Geforce GT 610 silent and it stopped working now i have a GTX 760 twin frozr. i tired running it on my 5450 but didnt work, so im guessing its a software problem what do i do to fix it?