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    Need Udf Program

    Sorry to bother anybody with my problem here but am hoping I could get help. A few years ago it was a good idea to put scanned and other photos on a disc kind of a back up in case something happened to your PC and to save space. I am a photographer so I had thousands of photos I had put on disc, (A) to save space, ( as back up. It seems that what ever program I had at the time saved the photos as Universal Disc Format (UDF) files. I have purchased new computers over the years but now I do not have a program that will recognize these disc are even in the computers drive. The old weddings and stuff I really don't care cause they are either already divorced or have purchased all that they was gonna so after about 5 years all negatives, if apply, are destroyed including records and disc. My main concern is the thousands of snap shoots of my kids I had on disc when they was babies and through the years. They are now adults, (18 & 20) and I had scanned thousands of pictures of them and now I have noway of retrieving them. Does anybody know of a program I can load that will run UDF files and is compatible with my Windows 7.
  2. supertramp2u

    Udf Files

    Hello. I am rather new to this but I could not find any information as to how fix my problem. I am long winded so I will try and keep this short. I have several disc that I had scanned old photos and put them on a disk because a few years ago you could not buy a computer with the memory that you can purchase now so I put photo files on disk to save room on my hard drive. Cool idea! Soon we upgraded probably several times to new computers, programs, etc. Now I have several disk that I can not view on any of our computers. Put the disk in and either the disk is not found or an error message pops up that may say the disk is full and is read only or it tells me it is a UDF file (universal disk format) would I like to search the internet to find.........blah..blah...blah. I would choose yes and it would find all kinds of files but no programs that I can purchase and download that will allow me view my files. The reason I am writing this now, is there a program that I can buy and download on my new ultra modern computers, that will allow me to view my old disk? I know, redundant, but I am so aggravated, that would be like re-scanning about a thousand photos and that's another problem, I have two scanners, both are scanner / printer combos and the software for them will not load on to my new computer so now I have to buy an ultra modern scanner just to scan photos and some of the photos have already been shredded because they are customer proofs I no longer needed. I am so frustrated. Help.