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    I have the Roxio EASY VHS to DVD3. It looked GREAT. Set up to my Dell PC with Windows 7. Followed instruction, hit timer for 2 hours, hit play. There in the window I could see the VCR tapes of Christmas in 97 (Or was it 96 HA). This was going to be perfect, I thought. At work, I minimized it and let it burn to the CD. at 25 minutes, the Disc tray on the PC popped open. What the hell??? I maximized Roxio and the video was still playing but it had switched to my kids baseball game. This happened on 4 or 5 of my tapes. If you are like me, you maybe began video taping another event on the same tape. NO WAY do I want to watch every tape as I record it to a CD. I looked here on line and it was suggested to record the VCR tape onto your PC and then download to a CD. Well, same thing. This time I had a Pete Rose 1/2 hour special the year he broke Cobb's record and then the game itself. AFTER the half hour special was over, it timed out. The game was on and the tape on my computer is a half hour. Here is my suggestion. If you haven't bought this, DON'T. If you have, take it back ASAP. I am going back to Fry's. Luckily I used American Express, so if they give me any ^#!&, I will fight it. THAT is what AE is good at.