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    Music Destination: Cannot Save To

    Digital Guru, Thanks so very much for your courtesy. Shortly after I submitted my problem, I found I had a bad optical drive, Skipping etc. I ordered two new Optiarc drive units and will install them today. I will then find out if it was the root of my problem. If not I will certainly pursue the problem using your suggestions. I will follow up with my results. Thanks again for your response, I really do appreciate it. Mustang 01.
  2. Roxio NXT-2: While ripping music, MP-3 datadisk I found that I could no longer save the selections to my desired location (C:\Users\Bill\Desktop\Unknown Artist\). I had been using this location for several days. I then tried several other options that were offered and I came up with the same error message: (Cannot save tracks at your selected location. Please select another location.) My first action was to do a simple restart. No results. Then: I done system restore to a period when the program was working peoperly. No positive results! Then I done a REVO total program uninstall, Restart, Reinstalled the program, Restart. I am still at square one. I've ran out of airspeed, altitude and ideas. Anyone suffered this problem, or have any suggestions! Thanks a bunch. Mustang 01