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    What's The Problem?

    So I'm not sure is what happened here was a result of the capture card degrading, my computer running slower, or Google Chrome open. I never had any problems for the first year i had my Roxio or Laptop, and it's not the game. I recorded the whole game with this only happening about 5 times, and it was never this bad. If anyone can help, that would be great. 7-9-2014_00.wmv
  2. LightStarNexus

    Dropping Frames?

    What exactly do you mean by maintenance? And i've no clue what defrag is. I delete all of the old recordings, and have 347/679 GB
  3. LightStarNexus

    Dropping Frames?

    So I've had my Roxio Game capture for a year now and it's worked fine with my Laptop, but now it's starting to drop frames in the middle of recordings, as in the audio skips and distorts. Could I have worn out my capture card by having it plugged in so often, or could it be that my Laptop might be getting worse? (It was custom build with the specs to run the Roxio) Or could it be i have too much on my laptop? I really don't know. If anyone can let me know, it would help alot, as i can get back to recording Console Games again.