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    Can I Record My Xbox 360 On My Imac?

    yes it works with parallel's and works great on my macbook parallels saved me money instead of having to buy an elgato i can keep my roxio
  2. Hey other Youtube gamers and Roxio users, I thought I would make a list of things that Roxio should add to the software because more and more people are wanting these so they sell their Roxios and buy Elgatos So heres the list: Live commentary feature that allows an external mic to be recorded and software adds commentary with the video automatically Webcam feature so people can turn on their webcams during a video Flashback recording (If Elgato can do it Roxio should be able to do it) thats basically all but if these were added I think that Roxio Game Capture HD Pro will become number 1 capture card please do not comment this will not happen because there is always a chance that it will like when sony told me over email that there is a chance PS3 will have HDCP removed soon Anyway regards Matthew (Roxio user and Youtube gamer)
  3. Infinite Gaming

    Can I Connect My Roxio To The Monitor I Wanna Get?

    Ahaha well anyways sorry for the late reply but it worked 100% at first it didnt look like it was gonna work but I held down the power button on ps3 reset display settings and it worked I can play in 1080i and record in 1080i or 720p so im happy thanks so much for the help though and now Im gonna do some videos
  4. Infinite Gaming

    Can I Connect My Roxio To The Monitor I Wanna Get?

    Ok so ended up getting the vn247H which has 1 hdmi I will have a quick shower then ill be setting it up with my roxio so then ill tell you if it works then you can pass it on if anyone ever wants to know
  5. Infinite Gaming

    Can I Connect My Roxio To The Monitor I Wanna Get?

    So it should work with the asus monitor as long as the hdmi goes directly into the monitor Because my previous setup had hdmi going to a hdmi to dvi converter amd it didnt work and I posted here and you said it cant go through converters so instead I wanna get a monitor with hdmi
  6. Hey, So I play ps3 and I've had my roxio game capture hd pro and been using hdmi as an output and component as an input but on a tv but lately I decided to buy a Asus VN247HP which is 23" and I was wondering can I still use hdmi as an output if I plug hdmi directly into the monitor from my roxio game capture hd pro? Please reply asap as I wanna get a monitor this weekend at a computer market