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    "red" No Signal Hd Pro

    Haha omg plugged into my desktop and KAZAM it works LOL ty u so much jim i gotta go play with this now <3 u guys take care
  2. SirPat

    "red" No Signal Hd Pro

    i got a nice built computer way better than this one but its not really in a good convenant spot , ill try it out with it anyways jus to see if it works with it and ill repost back to you guys
  3. SirPat

    "red" No Signal Hd Pro

    Everything is plugged up correctly using hdmi's with a xbox360 , my xbox shows up on my tv , i have tried 1080i 720p settings i even tried 1080p none works , and my light beside the hdmi on the roxio is on.
  4. SirPat

    "red" No Signal Hd Pro

  5. SirPat

    "red" No Signal Hd Pro

    Ok , so three days ago i recently purchased a hd pro and have been having problems with "Red" No signal , iv read tons of other threads in the past and watched alot of videos trying to sort this out , and i'v tried about everything i can think of from reinstalling software - repairing software -trying all my usb ports-checking my connections-im using a asus # X55A (which idk if this helps) but yeah .... is there something im missing ? O.o