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    Track Being Cut Off

    Hi, sorry I cant explain this aswell as you may need, as you can tell I'm really just pressing buttons to see what happens. As i said i put 3 clips together after cutting them and messing with the sound effects button them i joined them together I'll call this joined up combination a 'track' I did this with different clips 3 times and each time added them to disc creator window. It is then that they stopped playing in their entirety and there that the fade in out buttons seem disabled. Hope that makes some sense to you. ... and my continued thanks for looking
  2. Sooie

    Track Being Cut Off

    http://s17.postimg.org/ghv4z2ipr/Page_1_roxio.jpg I hope you can see images. Basically I have joined together a clip of clapping, a voice recording and another sound clip togther and distorted the voice clip a bit with the sound editor tools. I also shortened some clips with the cut tool. They play fine when played with sound editor but when I add another one of these combinations as another track they wont play completely. And I really cant click on the fade buttons to get the drop down menus they just seem disabled.
  3. Sooie

    Track Being Cut Off

    I'll try and up load screen shot asap, many thanks
  4. Sooie

    Track Being Cut Off

    Hi, they aren't music clips there sound clips and as far as I know had no fade in/out attached but not certain. I have messed with them in the sound editor. The fade in/out is greyed out and not clickabel, no drop down menu. I've seen the menu before on staright forward music playlist creations, just not working for this. Also i noticed on the bottom screen time slider, it says the amount of time the track runs for but stops the track before the end of the time line. Hope that makes sense. Thanks again
  5. Sooie

    Track Being Cut Off

    Heeelpp! I am completely new at this. I have joined a few sound clips together with sound editor to make three 'tracks' then moved to the music disc creator window. But when I play them the whole 'track does not play and the fade in/out bits are greyed out, so I am missing the last 2-5 secs of each track. Why oh why is this happening? thanks