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    Horrendous Video Stuttering issue on Decent PC?

    I'm not quite understanding your response. Although these videos aren't in HD, I don't see why that plays a part in the stuttering that's clearly seen in the first video, which is very noticeable after you watch it for an entire minute, and is NOT in the second video. They were both rendered with the same settings. Besides, I could see the stutter while the gameplay was being captured and after it was done. Also, my gaming PC, which is the 1050 TI RYZEN 1300X one, the video I posted first, isn't on any accords a bad PC, so I'm not entirely sure on what the issue is. The specifications inside it should outperform my laptop in every area, including this one. So with that being said, I would really appreciate it if I was given some suggestions to fix this issue. Like, even if it is a hardware problem, what problem would that be considered?
  2. Quickshot0001

    Horrendous Video Stuttering issue on Decent PC?

    As you can already tell from the title, I'm having a huge issue with capturing footage on my main desktop. I have no idea what's causing this. My Roxio software is up-to-date, the cords seem to be working perfectly fine, and my terrible laptop can capture video without any issues. For the test, I've used 3 games. Here's a demonstration of how the video plays in comparison to one captured by my laptop: {MY SPECS FOR THE FIRST VIDEO} GPU: Gigabyte - GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Windforce OC Video Card CPU: AMD - Ryzen 3 1300X 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor MOBO: MSI - B350M GAMING PRO Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard 8GB RAM OS: Windows 10 {MY SPECS FOR SECOND VIDEO} CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU B960 @ 2.20GHZ 2200 Mhz 2 cores 2 Logical Processors 4 GB RAM OS: Windows 10 I would really appreciate it if someone could solve my problem.
  3. Quickshot0001

    Cropping In Roxio Hd Pro?

    Thanks you was a huge help
  4. Quickshot0001

    Cropping In Roxio Hd Pro?

    Hi I am planning on recording a splitscreen game with my friend to upload on my upcoming youtube channel. I have not yet purchased the Roxio hd pro,but it looks like a nice game recorder for a beginner like me. For it to be convenient for those who chose to watch it, I was wondering is it possible for me to cut my video. When I mean cut it, I mean only recording my prospective cutting out the other screen so it would look as if I was playing Single player. If this is possible, can my friend also record their screen no matter if it's bottom/top or left/right? If this is not possible, what device can or program because I would be glad to use it. Btw here's an example of what I want: The 1st is regular and the 2nd is what I want( I want it less ugly looking and more Youtube acceptable than the screenshot shown) Note: This screenshot is a random ugly screenshot I found