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  1. When I try to "Output", "Export As", & I choose "Video File", Purpose: "DivX", "NTSC", & for Vid file quality, I click on "New", & I choose "AVI", compression: "DivX Encoder", Frame Rate: "29.97 TRUE NTSC, Frame Size: "1920X1080", & I leave the audio for what it defaults to: MP3, 44100 Samps/sec, 16 bit, & stereo, & I click "Multipass encoding", & then when I click "OK", I get some error-NO error #. & the error says the following: "Please press the advanced button, & select your desired DivX options" WHAT???? There IS NO Advanced button! Not on this window, nor ANYWHERE in this prog! I've looked at EVERY button, & menu multiple times over the last 20 mins, & my skull is about to implode! PLEASE HELP & explain to me WHAT the prob/error is, & just WTH it's talking about! I am so confused, & this makes less than 0 sense to me! Thanks.
  2. I can't find it on NewEgg, Amazon, TigerDirect, ebay, buy.com, overstock, half.com, etc. WHY NOT?! WHY won't you allow these E-tailers to sell the Pro version of version 2? No offense, but the prices on there would be much better for the consumers than on your store site. It's just a little anti-free market if you ask me. As the standard version of NXT 2 is on ALL of those sites. But, I prefer the Pro version due to the Blu-Ray capabilities + the DVD player as well. Really greedy that you had to make such features ONLY available in a much more expensive Pro version that is ONLY sold on YOUR site. What's up w/that?