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  1. Unfortunately, I was unable to adapt to the MAC. I didn't find it intuitive, and found the inner workings of it too opaque for me. Maybe I just didn't try hard enough, but I did use it for about a year before giving up. Now I have a very expensive paper weight on my desk. As for Windows 8, doesn't Microsoft have anyone working on usability? And the unkindest cut of all was when they finally condescended to provide a start button with 8.1, and what did you get when you clicked the start button? Why, it took you not to a nice, efficient start menu so you no longer have to constantly toggle from start page to desktop, but straight back to that stupid start page with all the stupid tiles. The start menu solved nothing at all. Are Microsoft people really that clueless, or was the start button some sort of cruel joke?
  2. Seriously?! Oh no, now I hate Win 8 even more than before! Win 8 is no longer merely a badly designed OS with serious usability issues, it is going to force me to upgrade an expensive piece of software? Sigh! And I really don't know why I didn't say that I was using Win 8 right from the beginning. I might be a newbie, but I really do know better than that! Thanks for the information. Fortunately, by experimenting I have found that ARCHOS MPEG 4 best quality or Creative ZEN MPEG4 best quality gives me good quality output, so I'll keep limping along with Creator 12 for now.
  3. Here is some additional information I have recently discovered. The issue I have described is occurring on a laptop with Windows 8.1 installed. I used the same source to install Roxio 2012 on a different laptop with Windows 7 installed, and there I am able to use "AVC better quality" as the output after editing the same AVCHD files with no problems. What could account for the difference?
  4. Thanks for the quick response, Walt. The videos I make are intended to be played directly on a computer, or posted on the internet (most often on youtube, sometimes facebook). My camcorder is a Panasonic HC-X900M. I have been using the software that came with the camera to transfer the videos to the PC. I have also used the editing program from the Panasonic software with good results (the output is AVCHD), but would prefer to use a more sophisticated editing software, so am trying Roxio. Can you clarify what you mean by specs, and where I should look for that information (told you I was a newbie/wannabe!)?
  5. The product I am using is Roxio 2012. I have used it on Windows 7 and Windows 8 PC's. I am still a newbie to using Roxio Video Wave. I don't know a lot about different video files, and need some advice. My camera produces AVCHD files, which I frequently edit mainly to produce animal training demonstration videos. My problems occur in selecting the file type for output. First, if I select the default, which is "AVC better quality", I get the error "unable to build the render graph", and am unable to proceed. I haven't had any success finding a solution to that. Second, I have tried using various different file types for output, and for the most part the results are terrible quality compared to the original, so I must be making the wrong choices. So, since AVCHD does not appear in the list of available file formats for output, what file formats would produce quality similar to that of the original AVDHD files? Let me know if you need more information than I have provided, and thanks for helping out this newbie/wannabe!