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    All Pictures Burn To Black

    If I load a 400 picture folder to a slide show about 40 pictures will end up out of order. All pictures are numbered in order. The pictures come from my Nikon D7100 camera and are shot as high res jpegs not raw. Some pictures are cropped but if they are not they go at 11 megs each. If they are played back on the TV it is through a blue-ray player. If through the computer it is with a DVD player. I have been resizing my pictures 10 at a time like you said so it takes along time to get 400 done so I haven't tried a new show yet of 400 but 10 worked ok. Do I like it? No but I'll do it to get a slide show.
  2. Scotto

    All Pictures Burn To Black

    Digital Guru I'll give you the impossible on picture quality because I don't see slide shows enough to know the difference and I'll gladly take the same quality as before. When I said the 10 picture were scrambled I meant they were numbered 1-10 and the software didn't put them in that order. It always has mixed them up and you have to then rearrange them in the slide show.
  3. Scotto

    All Pictures Burn To Black

    Digital Guru I followed your instructions ad made a new folder with 10 pictures and it burnt like a champ. Plays on both the TV an the computer. It still scrambled the 10 pictures but that didn't matter on test disk. The pictures were a little less clear but watchable on a 54 inch HD TV. Pictures were 6 to 11 meg each jpegs and the original show had 400 pictures. This program is so good but could be so much better if they would only fix some of the small things.
  4. Scotto

    All Pictures Burn To Black

    I use Roxio Creator 2012 to make slide shows using pictures. I do have the premium upgrade. In the past I've been able to make great slide shows. I sometimes had to start several times but it eventually would work. Now every time I try to burn my show the pictures all burn completely black and just the music plays on the DVD. I did get a different camera. I loved making these shows for family members. Please help with some instructions that a not so great computer guy can understand. Thanks