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    Aaaaarrrrgh! Can't Trim In Videowave!

    Yep, it's Roxio Creator Premiere with Videowave 10 (couldn't find a forum for that), and my system is Windows 7.
  2. freefallillusion1

    Aaaaarrrrgh! Can't Trim In Videowave!

    Hopefully I'm posting this in the correct section where some knowledgable person can help! I have Roxio creator premiere and when I opened videowave for the first time, I was thrilled to see that it has a ton of features that my ancient version of videowave didn't. HOWEVER- I tried to trim a clip and it simply doesn't work. I did a search and saw that someone else from 2011 had the same problem but it doesn't look like they ever got it resolved- and they were able to trim everything except mpeg. I can't trim anything! When I open the "trim" window, I can't do anything- the play button does nothing, the sliders move but jump back to start or finish, etc. This is absolutely maddening- I am SO tired of hearing techs say "it works better if..."- am I alone in that I just want it to WORK? OK, rant over... seriously, I would be forever grateful if someone could help! Thank you!