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  1. Hi all Roxio community. I just create this account, to share, how i fix the glitchy video and audio (this works for me). I use a laptop, with an QUAD CORE AMD A10 4600m Processor, this processor has integrated graphics (512MB) with 8gb ram Well let´s get started. 1.- In your desktop, right click, and select "Screen resolution" 2.-click on "make text and other items larger or smaller." 3.- choose this option "Smaller - 100% (default) (In my case, i use laptop, and i use an external monitor, i select the larger option, long ago, then i realized that this option consume more graphics requeriment, so i select the smaller option, and BOOOM!!, when i start to record 0% GLITCHY AUDIO AND VIDEO) Now let´s go to the AMD CATALYST CONTROL CENTER 1.- right click in your desktop and select "AMD CATALYST CONTROL CENTER" 2.-GO TO GAMING OPTION 3.-3D APPLICATION SETTINGS 4.- PUT ALL LIKE THE PICTURE 5.- GO AND TEST IT That´s what i did, please comment if this settings works, See you (Sorry for my bad english, im from Mexico )