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    Capture Software Crashes Instantly

    Same problem , tried everything to fix it ! http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/93489-so-i-have-a-few-problems/ , thats my thread !
  2. BobFetus

    Can't Open Capture Application

    same .. cant open it , it crashes as soon as i open it...
  3. BobFetus

    So I Have A Few Problems....

    Theres nothing i can do , it crashes as soon as i click Capture , i've tried everything , unplugging replugging different USB port , uninstalling , reinstalling , rebooting , repairing , deactivating AV and Firewall , it worked amazingly great yesterday evening , now Niet Nada....nothing i can do...i click it says loading , then it turns white and says Roxio media capture has stopped working...
  4. So here i was yesterday , playing and recording and streaming with my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro ...and now today i decide to launch my Xbox One and go into my HD Pro program...click Capture ...and it decides to crash...alright start it up again crash again...weird so i'm looking on these forums for answers , I've tried pretty much everything i could think of.... rebooting , uninstall with special software that detects all traces of the program in question ( roxio ) deleted them all , uninstalled and reinstalled the new graphic drivers for my computer , unplugged the device , repaired after Windows decided to install their own drivers , Still crashes , ontop of that ... i know i have the software installed but Roxio Software Manager says i have the latest version and theres no update needed but then again i've downloaded version 1.1 , which when i open says it cant locate any installation of Roxio Game capture HD Pro ... so now im pretty puzzled as to what im supposed to do , 1 day it works fine ... the other it doesn't weirdly enough , i havent changed nothing on my computer , havent installed anything , uninstalled anything ... nada i got a Intel i5 760 quad core 2.8ghz 12 gb of ram 64 bit op sys 2 tera disc space Sapphire Radeon HD7850 2 GB Edition my Xbox One is running through HDMI to the RGC.