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  1. Thanks for the response Guru. I just checked, and there is no app in the folder. All I have in the folder is Disc Cover 3 RE, Disc CatalogMaker 3, Get Backup 2, and Toast Titanium. I running a series 3 HD Tivo, so I hope I won't have any issue once I have the right software. If you can get me a copy, that would be great. Just let me know what you need from me. Thanks!
  2. Can somebody point me in the right direction. I'm new to Toast, but decided to jump in (notwithstanding all of the horrible reviews I've read...). One reason I did finally purtchase the product was to be able to transfer content from my HD Tivo to my Mac. For the life of me, however, I can't find anyting in Toast 11 pro that mentions Tivo or Tivo transfers. Am I missing something?? Help.