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  1. I checked out the specs for NXT 2 at New Egg, B&H and other places, and they all say that NXT 2 only goes up to Windows 8. But as you folks say, if it works, it works, and if it doesn't, it doesn't. It's not that hard to do an uninstall of NXT 2 and an install of NXT 6. The concerns you bring up cdanteek concern me because part of what I use Creator for is to create DVD's from DVD+R's that I failed to finalize before my like DVD recorder broke. I have to go through the whole Isobuster/Ifoedit thing.
  2. I have been checking around the forum and I have seen at least 7 posts now which say NXT 2 is not compatible with Windows 10. What are the issues with NXT 6?
  3. Believe it or not, my PC is still running on Windows 7 SP1. Tomorrow it will be upgraded to Windows 10 (and a solid state hard drive as well) by a local computer repair person. I currently have Roxio Creator NXT 2 on my PC, but I bought Roxio Creator NXT 6 on CD-ROM when it first came out. I just haven't installed it yet. I didn't install it because I remember reading a lot of negative comments about NXT 6. Especially when it came to Videowave, which I use a lot to combine videos files. I think I recall that videowave was stripped of some key functions, it crashed a lot, etc. I don't recall any issues being reported about creating music disc projects, editing audio and other things I tend to use Roxio a lot for. But I was a bit hesitant to upgrade to NXT 6 due to the comments. NXT 2 still is compatible with Windows 10. However, I thought I read in a couple of places on the forum that Roxio NXT 2 tends to crash a lot if you use it on a Windows 10 PC. Anyway, I wanted to get your opinion if I should upgrade to NXT 6 tomorrow or just stick with NXT 2?? I'd like to have the computer technician install NXT 6 if the consensus here is that NXT 6 is a better program. Please answer soon as I only have 24 hours. Thanks so much for your help. P.S. = The new solid state hard drive will be 1TB.....if that matters.
  4. I recently bought a CD copy of Creator NXT 6. I have a ton of NXT 2 VideoWave productions saved on my home PC (Windows 7, 32-bit SP1). To upgrade to Creator NXT 6, do I simply pop in the CD into my CD/DVD drive and let the program install on its own?? I have concerns that all the video productions I saved while using NXT 2 will be altered or messed up by the upgrade. It's quite a bit of an upgrade to go from NXT 2 to NXT 6, but one I needed to make because I had some glitch with the "Create Music Disc Project" program that wasn't allowing me to burn music CD-R's unless they were mp3 discs (the problem was addressed in another forum and no one was able to solve the problem). I am hesitant to remove NXT 2 from my home PC before installing NXT 6. Could I possibly encounter any problems? Please respond. Thanks. My NXT 2 is version;
  5. This didn't work either. It generated this error message. I think I have some sort of corrupted version of Roxio. However, I was able to do all that I described before, so if things are corrupted, it didn't happen during installation. I probably need to buy the new version (since mine is apparently so old now) and make sure to get a CD so that I can reinstall if necessary. Then completely uninstall this old version of Roxio from my PC and install the newest version.
  6. I don't understand. For years I have taken mp3 files of a concert (stored on my PC), converted them to WAV files so that I can put them into the Roxio "Create Music CD Project" program so that I can close the gap between the files so there is no pause between the songs, burned the CD, and it plays on my car stereo, my home CD player and my computer. Same thing if I open "Create Music CD Project," and then save different songs from the CD's as WAV files to the project. At the end I put a new CD-R into my burner, hit the burn button, and create a music CD that can play anywhere. When you add audio tracks into a CD project, you are given various options (WAV, mp3 good quality, iPod AAC good quality). I prefer burning audio CD's with WAV files because they give the best sound quality. However, as I have indicated above, for some odd reason, Roxio has stopped doing this. It won't allow me to burn an audio CD unless I have "Save disc image file" clicked. I think I have corrupt software, as a person mentioned above. I probably need to stop upgrading online and by the newest version and have it mailed to me so I can install and reinstall on CD as needed.
  7. First of all, yes, I can burn a Data disc. I have a Windows 7 machine. I am trying to burn an audio CD-R with WAV files that are saved to my PC. I enter a blank CD-R into my DVD/CD recorder drive. I go to Roxio Music Disc Creator, and then I add my WAV files to my project. Then I select Burn. After I choose Burn, the first attachment and second attachment appear. If I select the OK button, my PC acts like it is burning a CD, but it doesn't. It just produces the third attachment (what appears to be an image). Now if I go back and hit burn again, unclick "Save Disc Image File," it totally erases the OK button which is what I need to click on to start the burning process (see attachment 4). I have tried saving the disc image file, bringing up a new instance of Roxio Music Disc Creator, and then adding the project and tried to burn it to a CD-R, and I run into the same set of problems. I am completely lost. Please assist. What's driving me crazy is that I can create Mp3 Discs, but I cannot create WAV discs. Again, the files I am adding to the project are WAV files from my PC. The Project Type is Audio CD. Thanks.
  8. http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/creator/suite/why-upgrade.html This chart just explains the differences between NXT 3 and NXT 3 PRO. Is there a chart that compares what NXT2 has on it and what NXT 3 has on it?? I have NXT2. I really don't want to upgrade unless there are significant improvements. Thanks
  9. I understand. Nonetheless, I want to be able to trim the original clip, create a production, and export it with the same "video quality" settings as the original source clip. How do I do this? Or can I do it? I have tried to export it using some of the other default formats, and it doesn't come out as good.
  10. I have a number of 1GB+ high definition videos that I pulled from the internet that I would like to trim and create a production for. If I go to Edit Video Advanced, create my production, and then hit the "export as" button, I am presented with a window that allows me to choose the video file quality. If I click on the down arrow, it gives me a lot of options to choose from, but there is no choice for "same as original." Is there a way to be able to export a video production using the same video quality as the original source? One file that I have has these properties: Type of file: MPEG4 Video Length: 53:18 Frame width: 852 Frame height: 480 Data rate: 2998kbps Total bitrate: 3126 kbps Frame rate: 29 frames per second Audio: Bit rate: 128kbps Channels: 2 stereo Audio sample rate: 48 kHz I find that if I export this file even with a "MPEG-2 DVD best quality" format, it messes with the size, and the picture quality isn't nearly as good as the original HD file. I don't see a default choice for MPEG4 videos that allows you to change the frame width and height, the date rate, etc., so that it matches the original source. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  11. I am unable to burn CD projects anymore. If I am in create music disc creator, and then I add some WAV audio tracks, and then I click on burn, an "Audio CD - Burn Setup" window pops up. If I select OK, a message pops up that says: "you have selected to save a disc image file as (file location). This file already exists. Do you want to replace it?" If I say yes, an "audio CD - Progress information" screen pops up, and the burning process completes itself in a couple of seconds w/out burning anything on to the CD-R. It appears as if some setting is off. I would appreciate any assistance. Thanks.