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  1. Oh boy. Well I have to express that I am a little disappointed. I bought the vhs to dvd 3 plus to get my videos into the computer but when burned on a dvd my player won't play it. The technical people with my one help request told me to save my videos as computer files and then start a new project and bring them in. (Clearly a lot of steps.). So, I bought The red box easy cd and dvd burn which I purchased and downloaded from the Roxio website because it clearly states you can edit and add music. Roxio sent me an email offering for me to purchase the burn software so I thought it would provide editing, etc. Neither software allows me to voice over on movies without sound. And only the vhs to dvd allows editing. Wow.... I am a retired associate director of information systems.... I never saw anything with so little support and lack of clearly statements about what their various software can and cannot do. Disappointing. I feel like they just want me to keep buying more and more till I get all the pieces........
  2. I just bought this software last night and i used VHS to DVD 3!plus to get my vhs to computer files. So i bought this to edit and add music to my videos. I add movie just fine, but all the editing stuff is greyed out. I dont see the storyline and i cant trim it or anything. I can just add a menu and burn. Help... Ive spent for two roxio products now and still cannot do,what i want. Thanks fir any information.. Im on a new HP ALL IN ONE running windows 8.1.