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    Can anyone help please? I purchased my new RGC HD Pro yesterday, installed the software and then followed the instructions on how to set everything up. At first I couldn't get any picture to my TV, and then after unplugging the USB a few times, it magically appeared for approx 2 mins before disappearing again. Since then I've spent the best part of 3 hours trying to get it to work again without any luck. I've tried 4 different HDMI cables in different combinations, all of which work when connecting my 360 directly to the TV. My computer is way above the minimum specs, and the software appears to be working fine. I get the 360 footage appearing on the PC and it records in really good quality. I've tried a second PC, a 2nd Xbox 360, an Xbox One and another TV (both TVs are HDCP compatible). I know it worked originally for a short time, so everything I have is fine. I'm wondering if maybe the actual unit could be faulty? Thanks in advance. Dave