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    Won't Work

    I have now installed this programme on two computers - both attempts have been unsuccessful. The first - a Dell Vostro with Windows XP. On this, I can see the video that I wish to capture but unfortunately the Roxio window is the wrong size and won't show the record button. When I try to rectify this, the programme freezes completely and nothing at all will restart the programme - or the computer - necessitating a complete reboot. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the programme, restart the computer and also run the repair function more than once. The second - a Dell Inspiron running on Windows Vista. On this computer, the Roxio window is the correct size and I can see the record button but it says that there is no video imput - despite it being the same connection and vhs player used. When I exit from the programme, a warning notice appears saying that the programme has stopped working. Again, I have unistalled and reinstalled and run the repair and restarted the computer. Nothing seems to work. I'm looking for help. Thanks
  2. Cliosull

    Won't Work

    Thanks for the advice. I can see the screen correctly now. ... It's still freezing though...the whole computer completely freezes.??