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  1. Application seems to work fine until I try to export to computer (regardless of format). It will run for 5 min and get 10% complete then crashes and provided the "unknown error. Application will close at this time". It writes the file in WMV format but it is not the complete video. It did work once but I think it was a fluke. Is there a setting or process I need to follow that is not documented? Thanks for your help
  2. Jim, I spent 2 hrs on the phone with support last night where they attempted to install several times following a process similar to what you proposed. It is pointing to an incompatibility issue with windows 8.1 and they submitted it to engineering. Are you seeing similar problems from others running 8.1?
  3. here is the most recent log file from a failed install VHSTODVD_30_Install.zip
  4. I have since tried to uninstall and reinstall application. It apparently uninstalled but when I tried to reinstall, it says that the install was interrupted and to try again. Now I cannot even install the application. I am running on a Samsung Series 5 Ultra, Win 8.1, 8GB mem, 64 bit, intel I5. Now I am really confused and any help you can provided would be appreciated
  5. I followed the instructions you provided and I get the same and still receive the error when I try to do and export to Computer (WMV format).
  6. thank you. I will try this and get back to you with results