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  1. I use Roxio Videowave Movie Creator to capture and edit video. I capture the video in DV compressed AVI format. My son needs to send a short video to college coaches for recruiting purposes. I took clips of my son out of several AVI movies, rendered each clip in MPEG-2 (Best Quality Playback On This Computer) and produced a 6 minute video, also rendered in MPEG-2, with an introduction and transitions. I burned it to a VCD using Sonic MyDVD, but it won’t play on either of my DVD players. The title page appears, but I can’t play the video. (Other VCDs I’ve burned using MPEG-1 video do play on my DVD players, but for this project, I need the best video quality possible.) The VCD does play well on my computer, but the title page does not appear. The VCD also plays on other computers, but the video is not as crisp and the lettering on the introduction clip and on each of the other clips (his uniform color and number) are choppy. I could burn it to DVD+R, but I’m afraid that a coach may not have the capacity to play that format, and I’ve heard that a VCD is more universal. Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I be rendering the clips in a different format? Thank you.