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    Connecting Stream Pc To Game Pc?

    Hey guys, i've been working up to setting it all up. bought a new PC a while back, nothing special, is it possible to connect these two with the roxio game capture HD pro? And if so, would that been done through HDMI? My 2nd pc(that will do the streaming) has no GPU. has a quadcore and uses onboard GPU. i assume that will be enough considering streaming is really CPU intensive. Anyways if anyone could help me out with this i would be for ever in your debt I would always give you my soul but i already gave it away with a different deal =(! open to suggestions though haha Thanks guys!
  2. TwilightBlitz

    Need Some Help In My Decision Making Process

    Ahh i see! well that helps me out alot, thanks everyone!
  3. TwilightBlitz

    Need Some Help In My Decision Making Process

    Ahh i see thats good to know! anyway to find out if a hdmi has HDCP coding in it? Thanks! ~ Blitz
  4. TwilightBlitz

    Need Some Help In My Decision Making Process

    Ahh awesome thank you haha:) Guess that settles it, I see it supports xbox one & PS4 What about WII U? It also goes through HDMI so i think that should be fine right? And i guess i can use those components(red blue green wires?Not sure what they are called in english sorry^^) For older consoles like PS2 and stuff like that?. Sorry for the questions, its just quite a big investment for me and just wanted to be real sure that it'll work:D
  5. heey guys! First of all thanks for taking the time to read my story & thanks for the help! So, I'm actually a pretty new streamer usually stream stuff like CS:GO / Diablo 3. But i've started out playing games like Zelda on the N64 and how great would it be if i could stream console games like Wind Waker HD / Zelda Skyward sword and all those other awesome games that are limited to the consoles. Well the answer is here i believe. Yet i do wanna make sure i have everything so i'm all set to do this. Now my TV got wrecked a few months ago(Gotta love big dogs ) And considering i only used it to play games on my console and rarely ever watch TV i didn't bother to buy a new one but instead i bought a monitor since my 19" was showing signs of "I'm gonna die soon due to old age" Now it has died and i'm in the market for a new one, but here i was thinking, If i bought a good monitor with some intergrated speakers, would that work for my console games? i mean, the quality for me wouldn't had to be top notch but for the stream? Will that cause any issues? Will the viewers notice that i don't have a HD audio setup so to speak ? Or will they just get the audio directly from the WII U in this case? I'm not sure how this process is taking place. So the main question is, Will the audience notice that i'm not using a proper TV? Its a very good monitor 1080P 1ms GtG, but lets face it, the audio will not be as good as it will be on a good TV. But i simply cannot afford a good TV that is 1080P in combination with the game capture card. And this seems to be a better way to solve it, if thats possible atleast *Fingers crossed!* my second question, Before i purchase the roxio game capture hd pro, What else do i need to buy? When i get it can i just hook it up to my USB3 port and put in my WII U(It does support WII u right?) for example, then hook it to my monitor? Thanks for helping guys, i really appreciate it!