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  1. ShadowArchAngel

    Old Laptop Died, No Cd Or Software Key

    Well thats one half of my problem now I need to get a product key to activate it. :/ Thanks though this was helpful and Im glad you took the time to post it.,
  2. ShadowArchAngel

    Capture Program Crashes When Loging Into Twitch

    I am definitely going to try this out mate, thanks for putting this up
  3. Hey I have a capture card(and a picture to provide as well as product registration records) and dont have my CD or packaging to get a software key is it possible to get a download for the program and a software key to activate it? Any help is appreciated thanks P.S. Ive been through this before but my E-mail provider seems to have deleted some of my old messages to make room and the corel messages got deleted in that process.
  4. ShadowArchAngel

    Capture Application Crashes When I Try To Login To Twitch

    Well I think I just discovered my issue a troubleshooter file I ran discovered corrupt patch registry keys along with corrupt files preventing any proper installation AND uninstall from finishing correctly
  5. ShadowArchAngel

    Capture Application Crashes When I Try To Login To Twitch

    I have. Actually there is one thing that I just remembered that seems odd to me, besides the fact that it suddenly stopped working, I had my account logged in and I don't recall needing to log in more than once since I always use the "remember me" check box but the day this started to occur I was trying to sign in when I should have already been logged in by default, I never even noticed that until now I didn't think anything of it really.
  6. ShadowArchAngel

    Capture Application Crashes When I Try To Login To Twitch

    Honestly I wish I knew for certain however, I did do a bit of folder scanning(in other words I looked through each individual folder for the installed program) and noticed that there were no files relating to twitch at all but there were files that were for youtube I thought that was odd, maybe I really am missing some critical files that is causing the crash? I can show you what I mean via screenshot if that'll be any help. Because otherwise I am lost on what to do I already tried to do a factory reset on my Laptop but.. I discovered that the option to do so has, for some reason, been removed(or I am unable to locate it through the areas it should be located) even when I boot the Laptop via Advanced Startup.
  7. ShadowArchAngel

    Capture Application Crashes When I Try To Login To Twitch

    Yes, I did, the issue is though, unlike them mine worked with windows 10 before and is now suddenly not working. I figured there might be a way to fix it if that were the case, which it is.
  8. Hey here Roxio community, I'm having a repeated issue of my capture software being unable to login to my Twitch account nor can I do anything with the Youtube account for it due to it crashing every single time I attempt to login. I am running on windows 10, I don't want to be forced to downgrade back to windows 8 just to livestream like I used to be able to, is there a fix for this? Perhaps a specific file that I can download and replace with the existing file used for the livestreaming components? Anything that will solve this issue or anything to suggest doing other than reverting my OS is welcome. Thank you for reading!
  9. ShadowArchAngel

    Roxio Game Cap Hd Pro Doesn't Record Call Of Duty? (Xbox 360)

    I had this issue man. I had to completely uninstall and reinstall the program I believe its been a while since I had an issue like that but I'm pretty sure that was what I had done..... which is also what made me come here so I could get support for not having the CD XD
  10. ShadowArchAngel

    Livestreaming Causes Program To Terminate

    lol.... I fixed my problem I re-installed and now it works perfectly but...still Im so glad i can stream to twitch now I hated justin.tv so much i never had any viewers ;-;
  11. Okay so I just noticed that lovely staff at roxio had finally sorted out the whole justin.tv not being a part of twitch anymore deal thanks for that but.... I have an issue whenever I stream and would like to fix it. Whenever I either go to options and select the livestream tab or start livestreaming I get a pop up saying something along the lines of "Microsoft Visual C++ Error" and it then says there was an issue with the application and it requested to be terminated if this continues contact application support. Which is what I will do but I dont have a total grasp on what the problem really is. Please help :x
  12. ShadowArchAngel

    Capture Isn't Working Properly (New Issue Not Listed On This Site Before)

    I never registered it and I already recieved a downlaod link for the software it's the Licensce Key that would be located on the Disk Sleeve that I need but I have neither the access to check the order info or the Original Packaging so If I am reading correctly I fall into the Darwin Category regretfully
  13. ShadowArchAngel

    Capture Isn't Working Properly (New Issue Not Listed On This Site Before)

    Thanks For taking time and effort to assist me Jim_Hardin at least I know all I can do with my capture card is sell it.... oh wait ;-; what do I do with it if I can't use it or sell it?
  14. ShadowArchAngel

    Capture Isn't Working Properly (New Issue Not Listed On This Site Before)

    Fu... I guess I have a useless Capture Card I never had any of that Info because my Aunt got it for me on my B-day :/ Son of a dumbledore I have no way to provide the Info for the Company that the link directs me to I have seen that post already and I won't be able to get any of that info seeing my Capture card was gifted to me as of 2013 August 7th