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  1. I just upgraded to Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus on Windows 8 64 bit. Am capturing from a VHS Video Cassette on a Sony VCR. When starting, I recognizes the signal, but I do not get ay audio. I played some other audio on my computer which work fine. Any ideas what I might do?
  2. I captured a video 25 minutes in length. I edited it with Advanced edit. i used the split function to delete sections of the timeline. I inserted a color panel and added text at the beginning and at the end of the clip. When finished I saved it everything looking good. I went to Burn and selected create an ISO file. When finished I went to burn disc image selecting the ISO file previously created. Completed successfully no issues. Then went to play the DVD on a DVD player connected to my TV. It played fine until about half way through the audio stopped for the remainder of the video. Then i decided to burn again directly to the disc rather from the ISO file. Same result Then I went back to the timeline and removed the segment just where the audio stops, thinking that maybe there was a hidden mark or something that I had done inadvertently. Then I burned another disc. On playback of this disc the audio again stops at the end of the same segment as on the previous attempt. The audio plays well from the timeline, What is going on?