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  1. Recently I have tried to move my roxio game cap hd files from my main hard drive (C:) to my portable My Passport hard drive (E:) becuase I wanted more memory on my computer. So I copied the files from the (C:) drive and put them on the (E:) drive. I continued to move the original files on the (C:) drive to the recycling bin (note: I did not delete them). I then opened up the (E:) drive, went on the roxio game cap folder, went to launchpad, and opened up the launch screen for the Roxio Game Cap Hd. I then clicked countless times on both "Capture and "Edit & Share" and nothing opened. So i dragged the original files from the recycling bin to my (C:) drive and put them in the exact location as they used to be. I tried opening it up again, and it was the same result! I then checked on the folders in the (C:) drive and the title of the folders said this: $RA4PFWI for one folder, and: $R7CRK41 for the other. Nothing is working and i really need to fix this fast! Can someone please help me fix the files so I can use Capture and Edit & Share agian and can someone help me move the files to a different location?


    Thank you in advance,


    P.S. If someone needs the original files from the (C:) and the copied files from the (E:) I can attatch them, just ask.