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    No Video Signal

    I don't have both the yellow video plug, and the S-video plug plugged in, at the same time. I have tired them both.
  2. LaurenK29

    No Video Signal

    I just purchased this product. I installed it on my computer and then restarted my computer like it asked. I then plugged everything into the proper slots. I can see that the USB is pluged into my USB slot. But I can't go any further because its saying no video signal. I've attached a screen shot of the error. Please help me figure this out!! Thanks!
  3. LaurenK29

    No Video Signal

    My PC is a HP pavilion all in one model #: MS225 as far as connecting, I have both the S-Video or RCA Yellow, composite and both give the same error
  4. LaurenK29

    No Video Signal

    The VHS is brand new...its a Philips DVD/VCR duel player model #: DVP3355V/F7