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    No Signal On The Xbox360 (Hdmi) - New User

    I may have sorted it. I'll update if I discover the solution.
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    No Signal On The Xbox360 (Hdmi) - New User

    Sorry Jim I'll try to clear the fog from my initial opener. I have two HDMI cables coming for the Capture Card, I was under the impression that one cable had to lead to the Television and the other cable had to lead to the console (as shown on the instruction leaflet)? The "No video available" message is the standard message given by my television set, not the capture card, when I turn on the television and nothing is being received. The Television set is HD Compliant and plays Blu-Ray discs, HD Digital, Xbox Games (via Xbox360) without any sort of issue. Edit On my initial message I type No Signal, it actually reads No Video Available, I realised why I type this error, but the No Video Available is the correct message.
  3. Hello, This morning I received my card and after installing the disc and checking to see if it needed any new software I took to my Xbox360. Making sure via the sheet I wired it up correctly I connect the Television and Xbox360 together and turned both on, but was met with a black screen and a No Signal in the middle of the screen; at no point did the capture card light up. I turned both off and checked the cables to see if they where secure, I turned console and TV back on and was met with again the same screen and message. I took to YouTube to see if I was wiring up the Capture card correctly and I was, it was then I noticed that theirs was lighting up "Bright Blue". Curiosity to the better of me and I place the HDMI cable for the TV in the console end and immediately the red light glowed on the capture card so I placed the HDMI for the console in the TV end and turned on the console in hope that I'd been sent an oddity it glowed blue however to my disappointment I still received the black screen and again "No Signal" I am now lost on what to do? I'd really like this to work and I hope there is an easy solution, perhaps a PC based one? Can anybody help? Thank you