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    New iPhone Photo Format (HEIF) Doesn't Work

    @cdanteek, thank you for your comments. I'm aware there's a compatibility issue with Roxio. I can indeed turn off HEIF if desired, but I still have months worth of photos that I took before realizing this was a problem that I want to be able to use in slide shows, etc. I discovered that using the "Keep Originals" setting when exporting to a PC balks at several video files and won't import them, whereas choosing "Automatic" leaves the files in HEIF format which is incompatible with Roxio. Kind of a lose-lose situation. I am indeed aiming toward mass conversion of photos and videos as the solution. Speaking of which ... @Brendon, thank you for checking on the feedback page. Thank you also for the tips on conversion tools, I may check those. I use ACDSee to organize the photos (and had to upgrade it to get it to read HEIF files). They just informed me about a free mobile sync tool from the iPhone that may fix the compatibility issue. If that doesn't work I may try one of these freebies. Thanks again for the tip!
  2. TimothyMThomas

    New iPhone Photo Format (HEIF) Doesn't Work

    @Brendon I clicked the link for feedback yesterday and today but got this message: "This page is temporarily unavailable due to website maintenance." Any ideas as to a solution? It appears to be perpetually in this state. @cdanteek, I uploaded an innocuous image in the new HEIC format. 002.HEIC
  3. TimothyMThomas

    New iPhone Photo Format (HEIF) Doesn't Work

    Thank you Brendon and cdanteek! Great tip on the help button, I will do that now. I don't feel comfortable uploading a photo ... maybe I'll take a bland generic one to upload. Thanks for the tips!
  4. Hello, I have created numerous photo/video slide shows using Roxio VideoWave without issue. Recently my wife and I switched from iPhone 6 to iPhone 11 Pro Max, and it has a different photo format by default called HEIF. Videos are MOV format but apparently an enhanced version. Dragging photos and videos to VideoWave no longer works. Videos only play audio, and photos simply won't drag into place - I get the circle with the slash through when trying to drop it. I get similar results with Roxio Video Copy & Convert - I can drag the video files in but they don't play or convert. Does anyone know if Roxio is planning to add support for this new file format, and/or do you know of any workarounds?
  5. TimothyMThomas

    Cannot Transfer Vhs With Video Import In Roxio Creator Nxt 2

    Yeah I see, thanks ogdens. Wow. At least I know to stop wasting time troubleshooting. I will complain to Roxio Support and see about a refund for either the upgrade or the device. Thanks all.
  6. TimothyMThomas

    Cannot Transfer Vhs With Video Import In Roxio Creator Nxt 2

    Thanks cdanteek. Wow if that's true -- how ridiculously frustrating. I upgraded to Nxt2 because version 10 is not compatible with Windows 7, so when I upgraded to Win7 I had to upgrade Roxio as well. Now, if you are right, I find that doing this turned a perfectly good hardware device into a useless hunk of junk that I only had a chance to use one time. What a waste of money, unfortunately. Do you know if they make a newer version compatible with Nxt2? Or if anyone else makes a comparable product?
  7. TimothyMThomas

    Cannot Transfer Vhs With Video Import In Roxio Creator Nxt 2

    cdanteek, that was shorthand for "I checked the things you mentioned and they are not an issue". In other words, no "other device" entries, and the entries that do appear make sense (Dazzle Video Capture USB Audio Device, Realtek High Definition Audio, USB 2861 Video).
  8. TimothyMThomas

    Cannot Transfer Vhs With Video Import In Roxio Creator Nxt 2

    Maybe so, but I think if you buy something it should be expected to work as advertised or you get a refund. Any ideas on why this version of the software isn't working with the Roxio USB Device? Or if there's a workaround to make it work?
  9. TimothyMThomas

    Cannot Transfer Vhs With Video Import In Roxio Creator Nxt 2

    Device Manager looks fine. It shows up in the Roxio tool and I'm able to play the video, but video doesn't play correctly.
  10. I purchased the Roxio Video Capture Device in April 2011 and used it with my Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 to import a couple of VHS tapes during that year. Now I need to do it again, however I have since upgraded to Roxio Creator NXT Pro 2 last December and now it is not working! This is on the same PC - a Windows 7 32-bit PC - and the same Video Capture Device. Only difference is upgraded Roxio software. I actually kept my Easy Media Creator 10 as well, but the Import is displaying the same bugs that the NXT Pro software is displaying! Specifically: the audio comes out choppy when trying to import the video, and then when I play it back, the audio is super-fast and out of synch. Any ideas? Something that should be extremely simple is turning out to be ridiculously time consuming!
  11. TimothyMThomas

    Choppy Audio

    I am having this exact issue. I am trying to convert VHS with Roxio Media Import and the audio plays choppy. When I play it back, it runs extremely fast and is out of synch. Did anyone find a solution for this?