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  1. I'm experiencing a new error copying an audio CD from my external DVD-RW to that same device. When I attempt the copy, the Read From: popup menu reads <No Volume> (though the data size bar at the bottom of the window correctly indicates the data size for the disk), and when I initiate the copy I get an error dialog which states: Read errors have been found on this media. You may enable the Disk Recovery option to recover your data. When I attempt the same copy using the internal drive, the popup menu item changes to the audio CD name and the program logic correctly caches the data, ejects the audio CD, and prompts me to insert a blank CD. Similarly, I can insert the CD into the internal drive and write to the external drive. The only problem is going from the external drive to the external drive (which I like to do since I have a MacBook Pro and I like to put all the wear-and-tear on a drive which is relatively cheap and easy to replace). I'm experiencing this problem with both Toast 9 and Toast 10 which leads me to believe this may be a Toast compatibility problem with a MacOS X update (since I could swear this worked in Toast 9 before). Could you folks look into this? Like I said, I like putting all the wear-and-tear on an external drive. Environment: Machine: MacBook Pro 17@2.5ghz (Early 2008), 4096MB, 300GB, MacOS X 10.5.6. FW400: Pioneer DVR-111D in an external enclosure FW800: Drobo (4TB), LaCie Big Disk Extreme+ (1TB), OWC Mercury Elite (1TB).
  2. Iceman

    Failed DVD Burn

    Well, yes I could do that, but at best that would be a circumvention (and something that Toast ought to do for me). After all, that's what Toast does (saves it as an image file in /tmp, right)? Just don't be in such a darn hurry to dispose of it so in the event of failure - or a belated neuron firing - I can retry. I think it's pretty obvious that having spend 20 minutes compressing the movie that if the burn failed I'd want to retry it - and that I wouldn't want to spend another 20 minutes compressing it before trying to burn it again. Come to think of it, on just about any burn it'd be nice if there was a Burn Another Copy? button so you could use your last burn setup to make another copy, whether you're Compressing/Burning a DVD or copying a CD on a single drive system (like Nero does). Thanks for listening.
  3. Iceman

    Failed DVD Burn

    I've recently had a couple of occasions where a DVD was compressed, but failed to burn without errors. These are particularly fustrating, since Toast gives me no option to retry the burn. This wouldn't be so bad except that the compressed image is not retained, so I have to wait while Toast recompresses the DVD. Could you folks change Toast so that the compressed image is retained, to be used again in the event of a failed or cancelled burn?