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  1. Hi, I have a small problem in the form of a short story (I'll try to be brief!) About a year ago, I won a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro in a competition run by a YouTuber. When I recieved the prize I found I had just the capture device in the post. No cables, no software disc, just the device. After contacting the YouTuber, I eventually received a new one with everything there. I enjoyed using my device for the past year until I: a) replaced my PC with a Mac and sent my PC away for cash, having not uninstalled the software, although it will have been wiped. So now I own two capture devices, one usb/device cable, one HDMI cable and a CD that I imagine can't be used on another PC. What can I do with this stuff? Can I get another CD to re-sell to someone else? Does anyone want a spare capture device? (I live in the UK so ideally a UK-based buyer) Thanks for reading.