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    Toast Says Only 19.6Mb Are Available On A 25Gb Blu Ray Disc

    I now understand now that Toast rewrites the .plst file every time you open it. However, I'm still have the same issue with Toast not knowing the correct disc capacity of a standart Blu Ray Disc. Every time I try it Toast keeps saying the disc capacity is only 19.6MB. I reached Roxio tech support and they said to do the same thing: quit Toast, delete the .plst file, and try again. Still no luck, same issue. I'm on the most current version of Toast, 11.2 build 3175. I'm trying it on both my iMac with 10.8 and my Powerbook with 10.6. This program seriously just doesn't seem to work to make a standard Blu Ray disc.
  2. Stephen P

    Toast Says Only 19.6Mb Are Available On A 25Gb Blu Ray Disc

    I saw the same problem in another thread: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/77731-space-remainging-for-bd-r-is-only-19mb/ It said to quit Toast and delete com.roxio.Toast.plist file from the User ~ Preference folder. I did that, but every time I start Toast it writes this preference file again. I can't get rid of it! I am on an iMac 10.8.4
  3. I am trying to burn a Blu Ray disc from the Copy button in Toast 11 using an .iso disc image. When I do so and click Copy, a message comes up telling me that only 19.6MB are available on this disc. This is a blank 25G Blu Ray disc, and I've tried this with several blank discs. Attached is a screenshot. You can see at the lower left of the screen that it looks like I'm maxing out the available space, but the .iso is only 4.98 GB. I have BD-R selected in the lower right. Shouldn't this allow for 25GB of space?