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    <><Roxio Software Crash><>

    Here's a picture with the GameCaptureHD plugged in! (in the middle of the screen was my mouse with the loading icon but couldn't get it on the picture)
  2. GoldPown

    <><Roxio Software Crash><>

    Here's a picture without the Game Capture HD plugged in.
  3. GoldPown

    <><Roxio Software Crash><>

    Yes thats true , and i installed it in english.
  4. GoldPown

    <><Roxio Software Crash><>

    And Here's the one with the GameCaptureHD: DxDiagWithGameCaptureHD.txt
  5. GoldPown

    <><Roxio Software Crash><>

    Okay here you go: (Without the Game Capture HD in my usb slot). DxDiag.txt
  6. GoldPown

    <><Roxio Software Crash><>

    Hello , A week ago i recieved my Roxio Game Capture HD. So i put the software disk in than install it and than when it was finished i plugged my roxio game capture HD in. When i press on the Roxio Game Capture Software Icon , i get a screen that saiys "Capture" and "Edit & Share". When i plug my Roxio Game Capture HD in and click on "Capture" the program keeps loading and loading until forever. ( I Also noticed when i plug it in many drivers of my computer are getting slow like my Wifi ). And when my Roxio Game Capture HD is unplugged and i press capture than i get the regular screen. ( its saiys without the roxio plugged in: "Input: No Input" "Signal: "No Signal".) I already tried to repair it without the roxio plugged in but it keeps giving me the same waiting screen evrytime. I Contacted the Roxio Support but i still didnt recieved anything after a week , the dont have my wrong email because i've got the confirm email about my support ticket on it. Would Someone please help me! Regards , GoldPown