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  1. I have just upgraded from Creator NXT Pro (CNP) to Creator Nxt Pro 2. When using Stabilize Video In CNP, I could have acces to a Settings dialog where I coud adjust different settings such as Adjust Zoom, Tabilize Rotation and others. In CNP 2, I get the message that there is no settings for this object. The CNP 2 Help file states that the Stabilize Video Settings is accessed by double-clicking the effect in the Production Editor (exactly as in CNP). As this function is primordial to me, I need it to work correctly. Any idea how to make it work?
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    Interupted Install - Split

    LOL Thanks for the help
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    Interupted Install - Split

    First, I did write Install programs in my younger years and therefore know what they are like. Second, the Triple Scoop Music installer is looking for the Music folder during the install process. However, I had modified my Music folder to point to a share on a NAS. Unfortunately, the NAS was not available when I was trying to install the program therefore the installer could not find the folder. When I realized the problem, I reset the Music folder to its default location on the local drive, et voila, the installation completed successfully. This brings me back to my earlier point about a meaningful error message to the user stating that a specific path could not be found, would have put me much sooner on the right track to solve the problem.
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    Interupted Install - Split

    I found the problem by reading the logs. The Installation could not findthe path to the music folder. It would have been simpler if the Installation ask the user for a specific path if it cannot find it. In any case, thanks for the help
  5. I am also trying to re-install Roxio NXT Pro and failing miserably. I have been through all the user blogs, try every suggestion such as running the Setup as adminitrator, turning off my McAfee firewall and real time scanning, running the setup from my HDD vs DVD reader and a few more but to no avail. Can someone help? I have attached the Install log file and two PNG file with my system information and Roxio message dialog I get at the end of the install. The software had been installed and worked well on this machine before. Thanks for all help someone can give me. LogFile 14-07-18 13-33.zip