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  1. I bought a Roxi Game Pro Capture for my nephew who wanted that and a chomebook to run it off of (for his xbox). But I don't think the Chromebook has the specs needed - but I'm not a tech guy. Does anyone have a suggestion for a laptop that would work well with the RoxiGame Pro Capture? Need something out of the box - not that I need to add to. Of course, I don't have the money for a cadalic version laptop....but I need it to work with this. Any suggesions would be appreciated. Clueless Uncle.
  2. myguggie - do you have suggestions on a lap top that works well with the Roxi Game Capture PRO. I bought this for my nephew and he said he wanted a Chromebook to run it on - but I don't think that would support this. I know there are minum specs, sound cards, etc...but its a bit much for a non-tech guy like me. I had originally budgeted 300 for a chomebook...i know a lap top will cost more...but hoping no to much more. I'd welcome any suggesions on brand names and /or models to purchase.
  3. So I am kind of clueless when it comes to gaming systems - and althogh I use computers 24/7 for work and home - I'm not even close to a tech guy. But my newphew was asking for a Roxio Game Capture and a Chomebook. I have purchased the Roxi Game Capture HD Pro ---but I don't think a Chromebook will work with this.....correct? And matching the specs is one thing (I might be able to handle that - but not really)....but to find a truly quality laptop that will work well with this HD Pro...i need suggestions! My budget for Chromebook was about $300....I know a good laptop will cost more...but I hope not to go over $400 by much. But if I need to, I'll try. SUGGESTIONS FOR QUALITY LAPTOP???? THANK YOU!