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  1. Upon hearing that others had successfully used Creator NXT Pro to add audio files in the Windows 8.1 environment, I attempted a NXT Pro installation on a different PC running Windows 8.1. That one worked successfully and improved my batting average from .000 to a respectable .500. To get my primary PC working, I did a paid upgrade to Creator Pro NXT 2. I’m back in business with that system in time to create the tribute video I was working on completing. I thought I’d share a couple of key observations I had in the process. Always save the software download files and your email receipt with the product key in the event you need to re-install the software. I was very fortunate I had. There is no need to pay Roxio for a disk copy or to keep the files available for a longer period of time -- you just need to do a simple copy to another storage device. Delay registering your software until you need help. The clock for your 14-day free warranty starts once you register. You may not discover issues with specific features until well after your initial installation.
  2. As a long-term Roxio user, I originally upgraded to NXT Pro as part of the painful upgrade process to Windows 8. I’m now running Windows 8.1 and cannot add an Audio file to my VideoWave project. The application crashes every single time. Is there someone out there who has successfully run NXT Pro on Windows 8.1 and added an audio file to a VideoWave project? I’m using VideoWave, Roxio NXT Pro (Build 140B36A ) on Windows 8, version 6.2 (Build 9200). According to both Roxio and Microsoft, I’m up to date and no updates are available.
  3. My issue wasn't reported with Windows 8.0, it was with Windows 8.1 which was only released in October 2013. I had first installed NXT Pro with Windows 8.0 back in December 2012. Was NXT Pro retested/recertified with Windows 8.1? That was a fairly disruptive Windows upgrade.
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    What Is The Best Vhs Video Capture Device?

    I have both the Roxio Video Capture USB (UB315-E Ver3) and the Pinnacle Systems GmbH (710-USB Rev:1.0). Does anyone have any inputs on which one provides the higher quality VHS tape to digital conversion? I’m running Roxio Creator NXT Pro 2 in the Windows 8.1 environment for software. Also, rather than using either of these capture devices, are there any recommendations for the highest quality VHS video capture device? Thanks!
  5. Thanks to everyone for their inputs. After executing multiple passes to repair Creator NXT Pro with no success, I removed the software and re-installed it. I still encountered the same issue with not being able to add background audio. Rather than continuing to chase my tail, I succumbed to pursuing the known the working state for the Windows 8.1 environment, a $79 upgrade to NXT Pro 2. It felt like the money was being extorted from me by Roxio, but low and behold, it did work. It would have saved a lot of time if Roxio would have just come out and stated that NXT Pro was incompatible with Windows 8.1. I’m up and working again, but I can’t say I’m a happy customer.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. I appreciate the first-hand report of success with Windows 8.1 and NXT Pro 2. It at offers the encouragement that if I were to pay to upgrade Creator yet once again, it should work for my desired purpose. What I’m struggling with is that I paid to upgrade to Creator NXT when I first upgraded my laptop to Windows 8.0. I needed the NXT upgrade to restore DVD writing capability at the time. I find the thought of paying full-price again to upgrade to Creator NXT Pro 2 to run with Windows 8.1 galling. Roxio has not offered any updates to Creator NXT and only offers existing users upgrades to Creator NXT Pro 2 for more money than new customers pay for the software. I have tried to repair, which did not resolve any issues. Since I fortunately saved the original download files, I’ll try to remove and reinstall the application -- I'll keep you posted. Thanks...
  7. I’m still waiting to hear if anyone has successfully added background audio with Creator NXT Pro/VideoWave running on Windows 8.1? Just the act of selecting this basic video editing function causes VideoWave to stop working for me – every time without fail. I don’t even get the opportunity to select an audio file. Is any way to either a response from someone who has successfully added audio to video on NXT Pro on Windows 8.1 or a definitive position from Roxio? Thanks…
  8. Thanks for the timely follow-up. The audio file I’m trying to add is irrelevant, because I never get that far. As soon as the Add Background Audio dialog box is opened (SmartSound or Media Selector), VideoWave stops working. If I were to be able to get so far, the file is a MP3 file at 160 kbps (used successfully by VideoWave in the past). I do have QuickTime Player installed – version 7.7.5. Has anyone ever successfully added background audio with NXT Pro/VideoWave on Windows 8.1? It would help my troubleshooting immensely if I knew I was pursuing a feasible goal. Thanks!