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  1. Hi. Just purchased NXT4 & installed it. When I started playing with it, I noticed you can no longer 'output' a VideoWave creation directly to MYDVD anymore. So, where does one send a VW file to now, so you can include the things that we always used MYDVD for (prior to burning)? Also - how can I insert a blank slide/picture at beginning of a production, so I can have a text slide on a blank (colored maybe?) background leading off? Thank you!
  2. hello. Just finished a video (still pics/transitions and background audio track). Problem I am having I've seen before. Not sure what causes it. When I am playing new production back in VW, at the very end, the 'cursor' seems to jump back to an indiscriminate place or photo from the production and show it as the final pic. This happens after the final slide was displayed, along with the final note of the audio. I am not sure what would happen if I burned a DVD at this point, meaning if this problem would be copied over to DVD as well. Or, if I imported to MyDVD for 'authoring', I wonder if the problem would follow suit. it takes me twice as long to type in this editor, because of all the corrections I need to make. (it's not my typing)
  3. Sully57

    Video Wave 'extra Pic At End'

    Thank you both for the feedback. Seems the extra pic problem remains there in VW. That is, when I author in MyDVD, and playback my final cut there, the extra pic issue disappears. And the subsequent 'burn' is fine as well. So, not sure what causes this in VW. There, it will display a different photo from the Production, every time. And that pic remains on the screen until I click to do something else. Yes, am using IE11, so that must be the problem with my typing here. I will give Firefox a try!
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    Re-Arranging Pix In Video

    Hello. Wondering if someone can tell me how to reorder my pix in a video/slideshow I am making in MyDVD. Not satisfied with my original order and need to change it. I did not use Video Wave, where I know I can do this (on the storyboard). Seems silly though, to have to open another pgm just to do this. (not sure I understand why there are both of those pgms anyway). So, can't I do this pic re-ordering in MyDVD somewhere? Am using Roxio NXT. Thank you.
  5. Sully57

    Re-Arranging Pix In Video

    Well, I guess I always thought of MyDVD to be a complete and independent system, soup to nuts. Menu, slides, transitions, audio. But, obviously now, where I need to make changes, I guess Video Wave offers that flexibility & power. In the future, I will try starting out with Video Wave, then proceed to MyDVD. Thank you!
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    Posting To Facebook

    worked great. thanks again!
  7. Sully57

    Posting To Facebook

    Hello. Using Roxio s/w for many years, mostly to burn music CDs. But have also created many (home) movie productions. Am now using Roxio NXT. And with the popularity of FB, I would like to post a few of these for my family's (& their friends) enjoyment. But for the life of me, I haven't figured out how. When a new production is created and burned to DVD, the s/w creates 2 folders, named - ROXIOPLASMA & VIDEO_TS . So, how do I get whatever I need from this, to upload to FB? Also, might I run into file size problems (with FB) in doing this? I don't know if they cut you off after a certain #MB. The typical production I create normally consists of several snaps, maybe an occasional & short video clip, and always an audio (MP3) track. Additionally, the finished production always has that obligatory 'intro menu' with accompanying audio (either Roxio's suggested song, or one of my own). And in MyDVD, this intro song, as you know, always gets cropped. And never at a 'convenient' spot! So, can I do this? And if yes, how? Thank you so much!
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    Posting To Facebook

    TY again DG, will give this a whirl today, I hope!
  9. Sully57

    Posting To Facebook

    Thank you DG; will give it a shot as soon as I figure out how to reverse-engineer the DVD. Meaning, in order to back up and save the Production as a different output, I will need to locate all the pics/jpgs (my production is over year old). Normally, when I create a Roxio 'Production' for DVD burning, I will create a temporary folder on my Desktop, and copy all the snaps/video clips/audio tracks I will use, into this folder. For me, much easier this way. More organized. When I finish & burn, I then delete this temp folder. Hm, mistake? Might you suggest a simple way to do this? In any case, I will eventually figure it out, and use your method above. Thanx again!