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    Wii U Capture Help

    The tv also only has the red, yellow, white colors for the inputs
  2. MasterLink

    Wii U Capture Help

    wii U doesn't have cables 1 and 2, the cables are red, yellow and white. So I don't know which ones to put where
  3. MasterLink

    Wii U Capture Help

    from wii u to capture card the audio cables connect and the video connects with the blue. From capture card to tv its blue to video input and white cable goes with white input... If thats not how you do it please tell me. My friend said that I need another cable or something... Please tell me he's wrong!
  4. MasterLink

    Wii U Capture Help

    I got the capture card set up to my wii u but when I went to record all I got was a blurry screen of colors... what happend? What do I need to do to record wii u?