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    Spin Doctor Problem

    I bought a new mac minni in 2011 to replace my old 2005 mac mini but my spin doctor (version 2 it came with my ADS, Instant Music setup) was not compatible with the Lion OS on the new one so kept using the old mac minni for digitalizing my old vinyl records and burning on CDs. Then my old mac crashed and died so bought a refurbished old mac mini that is just a little bit more advanced than the old one (the old 2005 minni was Tiger OS, the new one is Snow Leopard 10.6.8). The old Spin Doctor (version 2) downloaded OK onto the new (used) mini and opened alright and recorded from the Instant Music hardware but when I play back what I have recorded the audio is not smooth and accurate but has skips and "hiccups" in the music. Sometimes that happened on my old Mac too but usually when I sent the recording to i tunes and played it back and played it back there the "hiccups" and skips were gone. Now they are still there even in the final recording after transferring to i tunes and so not usable. Anyone know what I might be able to do to fix this? Is there some other program on my new (used) mac that could be causing a conflict or is there a slightly new version of Spin Doctor that might work better (since my operating system is newer used mac)? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks...