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    Roxio Usb Device Not Recognised!

    Yeah I have, I've tried like everything, I think it might just be completely broke, it use to work but then it just stopped when I started to use it again, I didn't even uninstall anything it was all plugged into my pc for ages and now it just don't work at all.. I might just upgrade to the HD version anyway
  2. MagikzPro

    Roxio Usb Device Not Recognised!

    It's still all the same.. Nothing has changed
  3. MagikzPro

    Roxio Usb Device Not Recognised!

    Nothing came up under 'Sound, Videos and Game Controllers' but I did get 'Unknown Device' under 'Universal Serial Bus Controllers' it also has a '!' next to the symbol..
  4. I have had my Roxio for over a year now and I stopped using it about 3-4 months ago and I have now gone back to using it but everytime I try to plug it in it comes up with 'USB Device Not Recognised'. Ive never had this problem before and Ive been trying for 2 days now to get it to work, I have pretty much tried everything, ive tried on both my PC and my laptop and I still get the same problem, is my Roxio just completely broke or is there just something wrong with my drivers/usb lead or what? please help!!:'(