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  1. I can't launch the program PhotoSuite 7.0 because CPSCommonTools was not found. I read previous posts in here but these were not helpful. When I bought the program, it worked. Now I can't recall whether it was a CD that was mailed to me or rather an internet download. In either case I can't locate a CD for it nor do I have email records that go back that far. How can I get the program to work again, where can I get this missing dll?
  2. Photosweet

    Cpscommontools.dll Was Not Found

    I had Malwarebytes but no antivirus. I couldn't get MSE, so I got AVG anti-virus. Combofix was supposed to enable Malwarebytes to work alongside AVG. I looked at the link but it is beyond my understanding.
  3. Photosweet

    Cpscommontools.dll Was Not Found

    I wanted just Photosuite 7 Platinum but it came with Easy Media Creator, which I never used. I have an older version of Photosuite (4.0 standard) which I still use because some of the features it has were removed in the "new and improved" version. But 4.0 standard doesn't have the photostitching feature so I wanted to see if Photosuite 7 could do it. System restore isn't working now for some reason. The installer for 7.0 is still on my c drive so I tried to reinstall it but it asks for the CD key which I can't find. I have Windows XP home edition 2002 SP3. I found a version of CPSCommontools.dll in another folder, the one for MGI Photosuite 4.0. I have combofix; is that a registry cleaner?