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  1. Just installed upgrade from Roxio 2012 to Roxio NXT2 (waste of money, by the way, no real difference in programs, but that is another matter). I just went to use the Music Audio tab to record from sound card as I used to do with ver 2012 and the tab is displaying the same screen/options as for the Video tab. See attached screenshot. Please advise, thank you. John ***UPDATE - problem solved by closing and re-opening program. Minor glitch I can live with.
  2. Hi again skns, You have been helpful so I am coming back to you with a question that maybe belongs in another section. I just went to capture some audio from the sound card as I used to do all the time with ver 2012 and the Audi tab only brings up the same options as the video tab - see attached screenshot. Any ideas? Thanks, John
  3. Thank you for your reply, it did explain some things. For example due to the native size of the video I am woking with I am creating as 4:3, not 16:9 so maybe that is why I don't see other saving options. I bought today, direct from Roxio on an upgrade page: I will attach the computer specs and if you have any other suggestions to add feel free. I guess that I had also expected a spiffed up user interface after two years, but it looks identical. So with the same UI, same apparent speed, same options, I'm really not sure at this point what I got that I didn't already have. Probably should have saved the $69 and/or done a little more research before buying. Thanks, John DxDiag.txt
  4. Greetings, This is too late for sales but I just upgraded from 2012 to NXT2. I do not see any difference in User Interface, features, options or speed of video conversion. Even the conversion formats offered are the same as 2012. I would have thought that by year 2014 Roxio would have some options for HD Youtube upload prep or other high quality conversions. The list of options looks unchanged from 2012. One reason I upgraded was some hype on the sales screen that conversions are 10x faster and I was looking forward to that as I have over 100 movies to edit and save, but as far as I can tell they grind along at the same speed as with 2012. What am I missing? I even checked the "help" button to make sure 2012 wasn't still running.